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nottingham university chapter 2

okay so here is chapter two im determined to write this story even if some people dont like it i need to get it out of my mind.

anyway enjoy...

A girl no older than 14 was running down an seemingly abandoned street. she stopped to catch her breath, when she heard something snap behind her. Worry struck her face and she continued running. than all of a sudden she hit something, she fell to the floor before the person that she hit could catch her. She looked up to see his face and she couldn't believe it.

" Guy? what are you doing here? Robin never said you were coming to stay again." Guy meerly laughed.
" since when does Robin like announcing my arrivels eh? Anyway, why are you running?" marian collasped on the ground before answering.
" oh you know robin ,were always playing chase." she said while cosing her eyes.
Just as guy was about to say more a lean built boy of about the age of 14 came into view, carrying a homemade bow and arrow.
Marian smiled while Guy's eyes filled with rage.
" hood, wish i could say it was good to see you but i'd be lying wouldn't i?" guy said is a low and deadly voice.
robin sat down next to marian putting a protective arm around her, that also showed how possesive he was. marian noticed this and immedienty got up and made her way down the street. all she could hear were the two boys shouting after her.
" marian,....marian,......marian....." as the sounds drifted off into the distance.

(present day)

"marian ..... marian.... marian" marian slowy began to open her eyes after hearing the boys both shouting her name. she stayed lying on the ground trying to take in what had happened.
A new voice broke her trance.
" i am so sorry, i never meant to hurt you, im sorry." he pleaded hoping that she would understand."
" Get the hell away from her, you'd think you would of learnt after the first time." Guy stopped at this absoulutly gobsmacked, while marian looked on worried, robin thought it funny that Guy didnt know that he knew. " yeah i know you think she kept that from me. your deluded."
he stated. marian had, had enough she was not someone to be fought over. she stood sowly trying to regain her balance.
" if you guys have quite finished?" marian once fully standing noticed them staring. this annoyed her so much.
" dont you know its rude to stare?" she touched her face and winced slightly, but this did not go unnoticed by robin, who sprang straight into action.
" come on marian lets get you sorted." he said tugging on her arm to pull her away."
Guy realised what was happening and went to put a stop to it. he lost her once over something that was trivial.; in his mind anyway.
" NO! i can take care of her hood, better than you at any rate. why dont you run along to class. dont want my dad expelling you so soon do you?" robin laaughed and marian was getting more pissed of by the second.
" whats unce vaizey gonna do, hes my gaurdian remember." guy was furious.
" come along marian." he ordered.
" NO"
" what did you say?" e asked in threatning voice
" No im staying with robin. least i know. he's not gonna hit me. let alone twice. Guy your pathetic. i forgave you once but not again." by the look on Guys face she could tell he felt guilty but he never ever learned. marian shook her head and walked down the corridor with robin in tow, when she heard Guy yell her name. she spun around to face him. that was when she noticed that the look of guilt was gone and in its pace was anger, pure anger,directed mostly at her.
" you'll regret this, im gonna make your life hell here and they'll be nothing you can do about it. remember Marian, you escaped me once i wont make the same mistakes again." she said hile wearing a devilish grin.
" you wont harm one hair on her head or i will kill you." he threatened
" we'll see, you may have your outlaws but i've got the black knights and we rule this school. congradulations hood you've just declared war."
it took all of marians strength to hold robin back. if he got loose he would kill him. Guy just laughed while walking away but not before he turned and winked at marian. sending a shiver down her spine.
" how does he aways manage to do that to me?" she asked herself.
looking at robin she smiled. she had to admit she had missed him. they walked in silence down the hall both thinking of ways to break the ice, when robin stopped and turned towards her and said

" I've got a great idea. Lets introduce you to the gang?"

to be continued......

authors note.

okay so marian has chosen robin ( for now?) and the war has been delared but this is just the beginning and neither side are going to play fair.
in the next chapter you meet the outlaws and maybe the black knights.
and guy may seen really evil but its just the way it goes.
so review and tell me what you think i would love to hear .

thanks again xxaxx2008

Nottingham uni

okay so this is my first fanfiction its a future fic and as soon as i figure out how to it going on robin hood bbc community

Walking up the stairs to knighton hall of residence,marian reflected on her past. Her boyfriend had left her to go to the middle east with his parents, they were doctors. They helped people all over the world mainly in third world countries. however they were extremly rich, they owned extensive property in central london as well as in the country side.    however a rumour had reached her that they had died becuse of a car bomb, leaving robin and his brother much orphans, but if that were true then her ex boyfriend robin huntingdon has not even told him herself. although marian didnt know for sure. jumping back to present day she had reached her room which by what it looked like she had to herself

" i surpose it comes in handy to have the head of the uni being good friends with your uncle. good for something then." she thought bitterly.

leaving her room she walked down the hall, rounding the corner she saw someone dressed top to bottom in leather. she laughed to her self as she remembered an old "friend" of her's when she was growing up.his name was guy gisborne. she remembered a time when she, guy and robin had sneaked into.......

" marian?" the man in leather asked.

" no way. guy that is not you i thought you went with your aunt and uncle to the middle east?"
by the look on his face by her saying that she knew what was said was true.

" oh god im so sorry i had heard but i didnt know for sure" she said while he pulled her in to a tight hug.
" just like old times then eh?" she said cheekily." im glad your back im a new student here. what are you doing here?"

" my dad is vaizey head of the college. i live here now not a student but i reside in gisbourne residency hall. named after me" he said smugly.

" may be now that were both here together we can kinda carry on before i left with the idiots."
he said hopefully
" guy you know i couldnt go out with you i had just broken up with robin but i surpose in abit i dont see why not..."

" oi gisbourne still trying to chat up poor defenseless woman when are you going to learn?" someone yelled and as soon as marian saw him her heart jumped though she didnt know why she should hate him for what he did to her.

as the boy was walking toward guy marian stepped in front and the boy had to take a double look cause he couldn't believe it.

" not all woman are defenseless robin." he stood there staring " what are you looking at" she demanded

but robin didnt hear all that was going through his mind was oh my god a few years has deffinenty done her good, shes fit.
a loud cough brought him out of his thoughts.

" sorry marian i just cant believe you here. it so good to see you can i speak to you in private with out the human bat lurking. god guy didnt take you long did it."

guy looked as though he was going to kill him and when he moved forward marian knew this wouldnt end well, he remembered all to well guys temper. and went to stop him but robin got there first.

" oh dont throw your toys out of the pram you always have wanted what ive had. havent you cousin."
marian stepped in quick before it turned in to a full fledged fight. moving in she went to seperate them when she saw a fist clad in black coming towards her and then the fading picture of robin saying something to her and the sensation of falling in to darkness.

to be continued

robin hood fanfiction

This is really just to see that it works. but i am considering writing one of my own where all the characters as well as some of my own are in present day at school. this was a challenge on ff.net.



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